Building a Community Around Your Brand

Branded Intent

In this episode of Branded Intent, hosts Jay Alba and Brian Colburn discuss the importance of building a community around your brand. They delve into strategies for fostering engagement, leveraging different platforms, and the long-term benefits of creating a supportive and interactive community.

Key Takeaways

  1. Community Platforms: Explore various platforms like Mighty Networks, Facebook Groups, custom websites, Meetup, and Discord to find the best fit for your audience.
  2. Engagement Strategy: Regularly interact with your community through virtual calls, Q&A sessions, and by addressing their questions and feedback.
  3. Leveraging Personal Networks: Use your personal and professional networks to grow your community. Friends and family can be a strong initial support base.
  4. Value Offering: Ensure that community members feel valued by providing useful content, solving their problems, and maintaining a positive atmosphere.
  5. Hybrid Approach: Consider a hybrid approach to community building that combines digital and in-person interactions.
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